About Us

“I’ve been to Asian supermarkets where over 90% of the products on the shelves were Asian owned products. I’ve been to Hispanic supermarkets and noticed the same, all their products were produced by their own. Then, I noticed my people, African Americans who barely have a supermarket nationally, not have any products on the shelf created by us. I then made a commitment to help our community produce all the products we need, to be the owners of the products we use, and to sell to the world.”

Board of Advisors

Kennise & Kwasi Elder
Horticuturalist Georgia Roots Urban FarmKennise and Kwasi Elder run a 6-acre farm in Atlanta, GA selling produce to the local community.
Brandon D. Cosby,
Executive Director Flanner House of Indianapolis, Inc.An organization originally designed by Booker T. Washington. Flanner House runs the largest urban farm in the city of Indianapolis.
Jimmie Coleman
Former CFO Calhoun Foods. Historically listed as the largest African American supermarket chain based in AL.
K. Rashid Nuri
Founder | Truly Living Well. TLW is committed to bringing good food, good health and well-being to Atlanta’s urban center. By regularly harvesting healthy produce throughout the year, TLW provides our community with a dependable, consistent source of fresh produce.